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How Long Should It Take to Clean My Building?

on Wednesday, 02 October 2013. Posted in Blog, Building Maintenance Services, Commercial

When giving janitorial service proposals, we often it helpful to discuss cleaning production rates with customers or prospects. 

In general, most commercial cleaning production rates range from 2,600 square feet per hour to 4,000 square feet per hour, depending on the facility.  In medical facilities, schools and other very detail-oriented facilities, production rates will be closer to 2,600 square feet per hour (and sometimes less in heavily used facilities, facilities with a lot of hard surface floors and facilities with many different tenant suites that require additional security measures), while some offices and larger facilities can slightly exceed 4,000 square feet per hour. 

Cleaning frequency, building use, the number of restrooms and the cleaning specifications will all influence a building’s production rate.

Having this information in hand can help a building owner or manager determine if the current pricing and hours allotted meet the needs of the building.