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How long will it take my carpet to dry?

This will depend on how heavy the carpet was soiled prior to our visit and what method of cleaning was used to clean the carpets (Hot Water Extraction vs. Encapsulation). In general, we expect your commercial carpets to be dry within 4 hours but some previously heavily soiled areas may take up to 12 hours.

How soon can I walk on my VCT floors after they have been refinished?

You should be able to walk on your VCT floors within 3 hours of them being refinished.

How often do I need to have my carpets/floors cleaned?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including soiling patterns, traffic areas and your budget. Claria’s consultation process will address each of these factors to develop a tailored cleaning plan. It is important to note that the Carpet and Rug Institute recommends cleaning your carpets at least two times per year in medium traffic areas and at least quarterly in high traffic areas.

Are you bonded and insured?


How do you communicate with your current customers regarding questions/concerns?

We use communication logs in our janitorial accounts for communication between the cleaning crew member and the customer. Each customer will also have direct access to their account manager by phone and email. For most commercial floor jobs, we also call the day after the job for our regular Quality Check call.

Do you perform background checks?

Yes. All of our employees are fully background checked.

Are you a franchise?

No. Claria is locally owned and operated by Joe and Jennifer Donley.

Do you subcontract your work?

Most of our work is performed by Claria employees. On certain occasions, we may use a subcontractor for work either outside the scope of Claria’s service expertise or in situations where we have a well-qualified subcontractor that is a good fit for the customer. We vet all subcontractors thoroughly.