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3 Crucial Reasons to Choose a Disaster Recovery Vendor Before You Need Them

on Friday, 28 August 2015. Posted in Blog, Commercial, Pre-Disaster Planning

3 Crucial Reasons to Choose a Disaster Recovery Vendor Before You Need Them

Disasters like pipe bursts, flooding, fires, or other natural disasters can strike a business at any time. That’s why it’s important to be prepared before they happen.
While you may have emergency kits, escape routes, and the important phone numbers you will need ready, you might not have thought about whom to call to help put a stop to the damage and start the clean-up in your building.

So why is it important to have these decisions made ahead of time? While it might seem okay to wait until you have a disaster to choose a disaster recovery vendor, there are several reasons to make this decision before an emergency happens:

Acting Quickly Lessens Damage – Acting quickly is crucial to minimizing damage, saving money, and preserving your market share. Choosing a commercial restoration company ahead of time allows the company to get to know you and your building and to put together a plan that works best for your specific building’s needs.

If you haven’t selected a vendor before a disaster happens, precious time is wasted finding, vetting, and choosing a qualified vendor. The longer it takes to choose a vendor, the more damage can be done to your building. If, for example, a pipe bursts and the water impacts floors, walls, and ceilings, waiting days to start the clean-up could result in microbial growth, as well as more demolition and reconstruction than if the clean-up had been started immediately. Choosing a vendor ahead of time lessens damage by reducing response time, as well as the amount of time it takes to recover after the disaster.

Saving Money – You don’t want to be haggling over prices after the disaster has happened and the clean-up has started. Instead, work with a commercial restoration company that will give you agreed-upon pricing for initial emergency services such as water extraction, equipment rental, and labor costs. Doing so will help control costs and save money by “locking in” prices.

Preserving Your Reputation – Scrambling to find a qualified vendor after a disaster can leave your organization vulnerable because vendor decisions have to be made quickly and without enough time to fully vet the vendor. Using a vendor who isn’t properly qualified can do more than waste money – it can also harm your reputation if the clean-up is done incorrectly or if someone gets hurt. Instead, take time now to seek out trusted local vendors who have the right insurance, training, and experience to properly handle your unique building needs.

To address these 3 issues, choose a commercial restoration company ahead of time. Look for one that will prepare a customized pre-disaster plan at no charge. The plan will help you make sure the vendor is qualified to handle your building disaster and will help lessen damage, save money, and preserve your reputation.