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All Companies Are at Risk for Cybercrime – Are You Prepared?

on Monday, 20 March 2017. Posted in Blog, Commercial, Insurance

While here at Claria Clean, we focus on cleaning up after building emergencies caused by fire, water, mold and smoke, we know that companies face a host of threats and emergencies.
Just as we partner with our clients to prepare before a building emergency through our PREP Program, we actively seek out businesses that help our clients address other risks before they happen. One often-forgotten risk is a security breach or cybercrime.

When a company experiences a breach or threat, much is at stake. Customer information, company data, and the organization’s reputation are all at risk. Cybercrime is a relatively new threat, and now it isn’t just a matter of if, but when, a company will experience a data breach.

Cybercrime doesn’t just stop with hackers gaining unauthorized access to critical information or through credit card transactions. It can occur when an employee accidentally or deliberately sends an email that contains private customer or company information. It can happen when an employee loses a work laptop or when a thief steals a business’s credit card. When organizations are not prepared, these emerging risks can cost a lot of money and downtime.

Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take to protect your company from breaches and cyber liability threats. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Secure sensitive company, employee, and customer data. When you no longer need the data, be sure to shred and properly dispose of it.

  • Install and use antivirus and antispyware on all of your business computers at all times.

  • Use strict password protection and data encryption.

  • Secure remote access to your computer network through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), and protect your network with a firewall.

  • Train all employees to understand how important protecting sensitive data is against liability threats. Develop and communicate clear policies for them to follow.

Roy Reichold Lakenan InsuranceThanks to Roy Reichold, a senior risk advisor at Lakenan Insurance Agency for helping us put this article together. Roy is a recognized expert in commercial risk management and cyber liability for the hospitality industry. Reichold began working in the hospitality industry at a young age and has advised and protected hotels, restaurant chains, nightclubs, country clubs, and every kind of independent venue for the past 20 years. We highly recommend Lakenan for all of your commercial insurance needs.