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Can Your Business Really Afford to Shut Down?

on Monday, 30 January 2017. Posted in Blog, Commercial, Pre-Disaster Planning

The biggest mistake that your organization can make may not be as obvious as you think. In fact, most people don’t even notice their error until it’s too late. Failure to prepare for disaster by not having an emergency plan in place not only brings safety into question, but also your company’s reputation.
Many businesses close their doors and lose money for extended periods of time due to a storm or accident, solely because they were unprepared. Although insurance policies can be helpful, they won’t always compensate a company for the money they’ll lose while closed, nor will they help determine which steps to take to reopen as soon as possible. How quickly a company can get back to business after a natural or man-made disaster will often depend on how prepared they are for the event.

Can you truly afford to shut your operations down? How many rooms can your hotel not afford to fill all because you failed to put a disaster plan in place? Where will you house your tenants after a disaster hits your senior living facilities? How will you tell parents and teachers alike that you can no longer keep your doors open after an emergency occurred on your premises?

If you don’t want to become another business forced to shut down after a disaster occurs, you can make the change today. All you need to do is develop a strong disaster plan, take the time to put it in place, and keep it updated. Your plan must account for both man-made and natural disasters.

Disasters are not always avoidable, but you can always help prevent damage. That’s where Claria Clean comes in. When you become a member of our pre-disaster response plan (PREP), you won’t have to worry about vetting vendors to help lessen the damage wrought on your building. Through the PREP program, we work with you to gather building data, which helps us to respond and begin the cleanup process as quickly and accurately as possible.

If you haven’t created your disaster plan, don’t wait another minute. Call the Claria Clean experts at (636) 887-0260 and start your plan today.