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Conquer the Crisis! Emergency and Disaster Planning for Commercial Buildings, Part 3

on Monday, 14 December 2015. Posted in Blog, Commercial, Pre-Disaster Planning

Previously, we discussed the second step to take in preparing for an emergency in your building, which is gathering a list of critical equipment and materials that can be used, saved, or safely contained during an emergency.
In our final blog in this 3-part series, we will talk about our 3rd tip, which is documenting important building information through photos and instructions.

As soon as your lists are made, it’s essential to take photos of the important systems that help your building function and keep it safe, including your primary shut-offs for utilities, fire sprinkler systems, water heaters, and more. Once you take photos, make sure to notate where these vital systems are located and write down instructions on how to operate them.

Often, policies change, people come and go, and systems are upgraded or replaced, so be sure to update your instructions and photos as needed. Use them with your new staff when you train them, and make sure that all of the information is available off-site and is given to any relevant parties, including your restoration company and emergency vendors.

To keep these photos and documents safe and easy to manage and update, you would need special software. You can find this usually with the emergency vendor that you choose, including Claria Clean.

We hope that this blog series was informative and has helped you to prepare yourself and your building in the event of a disaster!