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Recent Historic Flooding Has Left Many High and Dry in St. Louis

on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. Posted in Blog, Commercial, Residential, Water Damage

We are about to close out the month of January, almost a month after the historic flooding took place in the Greater St. Louis region, and several property owners are still picking up the pieces and cleaning up their homes after the flood caused so much damage. Sadly, many of these homeowners weren’t just affected by floodwater damage. They had also experienced sewer backups, sump pump overflows, and river flooding with several experiencing these issues at the same time. Some homes were flooded first by sewer water and then by river flooding, making the situation trickier to handle.
Most people realize that sewer backups are especially nasty, but the contaminants that are present in the flood water can also be very dangerous. This means that anything that has come into contact with flood water or rain water that came in from the sump pump will need to be either cleaned or removed. For many homeowners, this meant removing porous surfaces including drywall, insulation, and carpets for safety reasons.

While we usually work with businesses that have been impacted by emergencies and disasters, we have been especially busy cleaning or removing the drywall, insulation, carpets, and anything else that had been affected by the contaminated water in many property owners’ homes. Our crews have been out in their protective gear, giving these local homeowners a helping hand through this stressful time. Our crew members undergo medical evaluations and preparation beforehand so that they can work safely in these hazardous conditions.

Perhaps worse than any of the damage caused by the floodwaters is how many homeowners are unprepared for floods. We have often found that most homeowners are either severely uninsured for sewer and sewer pump backups or they don’t have any coverage for it whatsoever.

To put it in perspective, a relatively small sewer pump backup loss in a home can easily cost over $10,000 to clean up and put the home back together again. We have been working with many homeowners who had sewer backups and/or flooding whose losses will be 3-5 times that amount.

If you are unsure if you are covered for floods or sewer/sump pump backups in your home or business, we strongly encourage you to learn more about your insurance coverage. Work with a trusted insurance agent and make sure that you and your property are properly protected from any future disasters.