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Take Steps Now to Prepare Your Business for Future Flooding

on Monday, 18 January 2016. Posted in Blog, Commercial, Water Damage

The flooding that took place in St. Louis this past month was nothing short of historic. As you probably know, the rising waters caused rivers everywhere to flood over plains, roads, and many homes and businesses. Stretches of major highways were also affected, and some were even completely shut down for days.
Business owners must know what to do in the event of a natural disaster occurring on their premises. This also includes flooding. Here are some of our top tips on how you can reduce the impact that flooding could have on your business:

Check Your Flood Risk – Understanding your risk of flooding is crucial. Identify if your facility is located within a flood zone. If you are planning on building a new location, review the potential sites for flood risk. If you must build in a flood zone, be sure to locate vital electrical and mechanical equipment above grade level.

Draw Up a Flood Plan – Take the time to develop a flood plan, which will determine how you will respond to a flood and keep your staff and company safe. Develop a plan to alert employees of impending storms and floods and create procedures to shut down equipment and processes in a safe manner.

Create an Emergency Kit – This emergency kit should include essential items such as antibacterial hand gel, spare keys, bottled water, and rubber gloves as the water can be contaminated with waste, gasoline, etc. Make this kit easily accessible, and identify in your flood pan where this will be kept.

Back Up Your Files Regularly – Flooding can do unprecedented damage to your computers. Ensure that your important documents are safe by backing up your files regularly. Opt to store back-ups in a safe, secure, off-premises location such as the cloud.

Choose a Vendor – With any type of emergency or disaster, the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to find and vet a reputable damage response company. Take the time now to find the right company for you. Look for a commercial restoration company that will provide you with customized pre-disaster plans at no charge.

If you do happen to be affected by flooding in the future, be sure to take several photos of any damage that occurs for insurance purposes, and keep those emergency contact numbers close to you.