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Tips for Emergency Business Planning

on Thursday, 26 March 2015. Posted in Blog, Pre-Disaster Planning

In an emergency, minutes count.  The goal with an emergency plan is to quickly address concerns and minimize disruption, downtime and damage for your company, employees, tenants, customers and owners.  There are several items to consider in planning for emergencies.

1.  Put an emergency plan in place and review it at least annually.  The federal government has some great tools to help you get started at

2.  Identify the partner contractors you will use for emergencies and be sure their contact information is included in your plan, is up to date and is in the hands of the proper people.

3.  Share all relevant information with your partners for quick use in an emergency, including:

  • Building Construction and Drawings
  • Tenant Information, where applicable
  • Additional vendor contact lists
  • Vital building information (key codes, security protocol, etc.)

4.  Lastly, you will want to have a signed pre-authorization for your restoration contractor partner(s) so that should an emergency arise, precious time is not wasted securing the authorization to begin work.

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