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Commercial Damage Restoration

In the event of an unforeseen event or disaster in your commercial building, Claria understands that getting you back to business as soon as possible is critical.

Whether it’s a flooded building, sprinkler or pipe burst, sewer backup, mold, fire/smoke damage or any other business-disrupting event, Claria’s total focus is on restoring our customer’s ability to work.

We work with our customers to build relationships before they need us through our pre-disaster preparedness planning.  When building emergencies happen, these plans help our customers to be prepared and helps us respond more quickly, reducing down time and minimizing business interruption.


Important Emergency Steps

  1. Avoid hazards: electricity/water, slippery floors, unsanitary water, & unsafe structures.
  2. Locate and stop water source. Contact a plumber to make repairs
  3. Remove furniture or place plastic under furniture legs to prevent permanent furniture stain or rust. Remove any wet contents.
  4. Call Claria to arrange for an inspection and to begin water extraction as soon as possible to minimize damage.

Water Damage Blog

  • Before You Leave for a Holiday Vacation...

    With the holidays upon us, many of us plan to travel in the next few weeks.  If you plan to leave your house for more than a few days, consider shutting off the main water supply coming into your home. 

  • Do I Need Flood Insurance?

    Do I Need Flood Insurance?

    During last spring's heavy rains, people who had never had to deal with basement flooding before suddenly found themselves dealing with floor water damage including wet carpet, soaked walls and damaged belongings in their basements. For the vast majority of homeowners we worked with, this damage wasn't covered by insurance and they had to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket.

  • Preventing and Treating Mold

    Preventing and Treating Mold

    Q. If I own a commercial or residential property and discover a water problem or water damage in my home, what should I do?

  • Sump Pump Backup Failure and Your Homeowner's Policy

    Sump pump outages and failures are a common cause of water damage to floors in a home or building. Outages and failures typically occur during periods of heavy rain or snow melt when areas with high water tables are prone to flooding. These failures can be the result of an aging pump, but owners of newer sump pumps should also take some steps to ensure their sump pump doesn't stop or malfunction.