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Pre-Disaster Planning

It’s the middle of the night and water is pouring through three floors of your building. Who will you call? Will they show up? Do they have the proper insurance? Are they qualified?

Building owners and property managers spend significant time vetting vendors before they use their services including lawn care and plumbing. Often overlooked yet equally important is vetting your damage restoration company before you need them.

That’s why Claria Clean offers the PREP program. We work with property owners and managers to build a customized pre-disaster response plan (PREP). With the PREP program, you won’t be scrambling to pick a vendor in the middle of a crisis. Instead, you have a vetted partner who knows you and your building.

Through the PREP program, we work with you to gather building data and determine what is most important in the event of a building emergency like water damage, sewer backup, smoke damage, or fire damage. This allows us to respond and start the cleanup process quickly, saving you money by minimizing downtime.

PREP clients enjoy several other benefits, including priority disaster response, online access to building data, and upfront pricing for emergency services. Call us today to learn more.

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