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Joe and Jen are top notch. Claria is making a name for themselves and my customers are so happy! Keep up the good work!
Matt Mitchell - Allstate Insurance

I wanted to thank you and your company for the incredibly fast response to my water leak Monday morning. There is nothing like discovering a water leak on a Monday morning to ruin your day! The way that Joe took the time to educate me on the loss and his professional manor really put me at ease. The crew that went to work were the best! They were polite, considerate of my home and of course incredibly skilled. Alot of companies claim to be the best but I was able to see that Claria really is the best!!! Thank you!!

Jim Williams - Farmers Insurance
St. Charles

A client of ours called about possible water damage and was interested in possibly making a claim. We recommended that he get an inspection first to see if there was any damage and if so, how significant it was. We recommended first, that he contact “XYZ company”. He contacted us back stating that they wanted $108 for the inspection. We then recommended that he contact Claria. Within an hour, your company had an inspector in his home inspecting the damage. The inspector promptly contacted me to give me an update on the situation and very quickly following was my client, raving about how quickly Claria was in his home and how professional and polite the inspector was. I want to thank you for offering such a great product. I will be sure to make Claria my first company to refer all of my clients to. I will also be sure to pass this information along to both my Wentzville and Troy offices.

Sarah Delaney - Alternatives Insurance

We had a small mishap in my home with red scentsy wax... i tried all the home solutions recommended on the internet - and then called Claria. They had been out a few weeks before to do the yearly cleaning. Jennifer wasn't sure they could get the stain up, but I'm telling you, they did! Without harsh chemicals that could harm my pets, the crew did a fantastic job getting everything up and you can't even tell there was a stain there! I will never use anyone else for my carpets while I live in the Claria service area!

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